Integrated Management Control Systems

This tool is especially designed to manage and control any type of activity whether it is technical, of production, Physical, Chemical and Environmental Measurements, Economic analysis or any other process that will develop into a physical space, such as an industry, a means of transport, Sports Center, etc., in which you wish to audit status, use, behavior and functioning of their components in permanent and real-time.

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Advantages of SiGCI in comparison to traditional control systems


SiGCI is an integrated Management and Control System which is adaptable. It analyzes and manages the functioning, state and behavior of technical, economic and production activities. It differs from the existing products on the market today because:

SiGCI is a product that integrates the components of control, management and visualization (Dashboards), usually offered on the market separately, in a single platform.

This unification is possible because SiGCI carries with it an engineering service which allows you to tailor the system to the needs of the customer and to the reality of the facility. Customization.

Likewise, the capacity of coupling between engineering and SiGCI allows the implementation of complex and customized formulation (adapted to needs) that supplies the most appropriate information to carry out the Optimization Process.

The system is developed after analyzing the actual facility unlike other existing products, which are standard and the facilities are adapted to fit. SiGCI adapts to fit the facility or activity, the installation or activity is therefore not adapted to fit the SiGCI.

SiGCI incorporates specific training and follow-up during a certain period of time, enabling you to further optimize the system, therefore involving the staff in charge.

  • El conocimiento real de la instalación permite mejorar la gestión y por lo tanto incrementar la optimización permitiendo un ahorro real sin disminuir el nivel de confort.

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These constituent differentials of SiGCI allow, in comparison to other systems:

Empowerment of the management system

Improvement in the process of decision-making

To define more efficient strategies

To improve maintenance. Introduction of the concept Preventive and Predictive

Effective determination of bottlenecks

Greater knowledge of the facility

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  • Technical-Economic type and characteristics of the energies in use
  • Energy demands by sectors and teams
  • Consumption analysis. Degrees of comfort
  • Performance optimization. Automatic or manual Settings
  • Customizing the operation in order to obtain specific results
  • eal-time readings and accumulation of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data
  • Displaying results in graphical or numerical format. Security Alarms
SIGC Energetico
  • Capacidad de Producción
  • Demanda Energética. Tipo de Energía en uso
  • Rendimientos medios de equipamientos
  • Tiempos de producción
  • Personal. Rendimientos de Producción
  • Costos Energéticos
  • Lecturas en tiempo real y acumulación de datos por días, semanas, meses y años
  • Visualización de datos en formato gráfico o numérico. Alarmas de seguridad
SIGC Producción
  • Control de pH
  • Control de mezclas y porcentajes
  • Temperaturas, grados de fermentación, destilación,etc
  • Tiempos de formulación
  • Capacidades de producción.Rendimientos del equipamiento
  • Demanda energética
  • Control de Productos
  • Costos de Producción
  • Lecturas en tiempo real y acumulación de datos por días, semanas,meses y años
SIGC Analitico
  • Bases de datos de combustibles renovables y convencionales
  • Demanda Energética. Tipo de energia en uso. Grado de emisiones contaminantes
  • Equipamiento en uso. Rendimientos medios. Emisiones
  • Lecturas en tiempo real y acumulacion de datos por días,semanas, meses y años
  • Visualización de resultados en formato gráfico o numérico. Alarmas de seguridad
SIGC Medio Ambiente

SiGCI system applications






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