Constant Group has made a great effort over the years in the development of biodigesters using our very own technologies. These biodigesters are always designed to fit the facilities. They only produce organic liquid fertilizers of high-quality and gas, given that the organic matter that is in its interior remains there until its complete mineralization.

What biodigesters are used for

The decomposition of organic matter in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic fermentation) generates a mixture of gases, including a significant amount of methane gas. This mixture is called “biogas” and the system where the controlled fermentation is produced is called biodigester which generates the following resources:

  1. Methane Gas for heating, water heating, operating gas engines for power generation, etc…
  2. Concentrated liquid biofertilizer for farming.

A biogas plant allows you to reduce the environmental impact caused by the organic waste in the environment. Emissions to the atmosphere (greenhouse gases) are reduced, the smell is minimized considerably and the final value of the waste is improved.

Reasons why we should use biodigesters

They are beneficial for the environment and farms. They decrease odors, possible pests and the emission of greenhouse gases.

They prevent the contamination of water sources from untreated sewage by pouring the water used to clean the pens into the Biodigester which will then transform it into high quality liquid fertilizers.

The added value of using a renewable energy is that expenditures are reduced by transforming organic waste into energy.

hey transform organic waste, through anaerobic fermentation, into a concentrated organic fertilizer of excellent quality.

They improve productivity in agricultural plantations.

They enhance the possibility of opening new market niches or the exploitation of unused land.

The amortization of the system is rapid.


Advantages of our Biodigesters


The design and dimensions are made to meet the real needs of our clients. Our designs are tailored to fit the facilities and the specific process.

We use our own technology of proven quality which was developed by our technicians.

They are manufactured using different materials (iron, cement, plastic, etc.) and geometric shapes, integrating them perfectly in the exploitation by providing environmental improvement for both humans and animals.

They are easy to use in the processing of organic waste and the products obtained.

Automated management is possible through our integrated Management and Control system SiGCI SiGCI.

Constante Group Services


Technical advice on biogas.

Technical-economic studies. Projects based on our own technology.

Planning of biogas plants.

Turnkey Projects.

Implementation and supervision.




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